Day 539 Love is reserved for people

Today is Wednesday. Today, I saw how the shelters in those flooded areas of Texas are now becoming flooded themselves. Where do all those poor displaced people go?
Today I read a thread involving a follower of Joel Osteen and another tweeter who was trying to remain self-controlled. The one tweeter believed Osteen should have opened his large church building to shelter those who were homeless from the flooding. The follower on the other hand totally disagreed and said the building was only for worship. He was asked what would Jesus do and his answer dismayed and saddened me.
The follower said that Jesus would tell those poor displaced people to go find another shelter. I would say this person is definitely a follower of Joel rather than Jesus.
Jesus has always been more concerned with people. Things are just things like church buildings are just buildings. My advice to the follower would be to spend more time listening to Jesus’ sermons. The danger of preaching on wealth is that’s what the focus will be. Jesus only owned the clothes on his back and His sandals.
When buildings, monuments, money and any other stuff are valued more than people, it’s time to re-evaluate your thinking. It’s time to have a meeting with Jesus should you call yourself a christian.
Love is reserved for people not for things.

My son prays for the folks in Texas every phone call.

peace my friends

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