Day 537 Roses

Today is Monday. Today, I spent the morning in a local coffee shop writing out cards to some of my people who are incarcerated. I found some pictures I had taken of beautiful roses in my garden in Indiana. I put a picture in each of the cards. I told my guys that there is beauty in the world and just sometimes one has to search for it.
The roses had drops of rain on lovely deep pink petals.
There is so much ugliness and pain in the world especially for those in prison. I like to slip in positive things like art and pictures and poetry. I like to open the door so to speak and let some light inside.
Today and every day, I hope this blog inspires you to share a little kindness, a little humanity with those in prison, or the homeless, or those who sit in nursing homes or those who frequent the local soup kitchens.
Today, I saw a tweet to Joe Olsteen and his wife. Olsteen called for prayer for the hurricane victims and the person who copied the tweet asked him why didn’t he open his fine church building and donate his money.
Faith without action is dead.

Prayers are powerful but God does expect us to share.

Send my son, Matt, a card.  He is struggling a bit with the vindictiveness of this most recent persecution against him.

Much love..💕

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