Day 535 Perspective

Today is Saturday.  Today, Paul and I went through documents to gather up support for Matt’s Canadian prison time.  When we revisit these past issues, we are transported back to a different and very difficut time.  These trips backward cause a bit of traumatic stress for both of us.  But, we do it because we have been the only real defense team in the US for our son.

Today, we decided to flee our little hotel room and escape to one of the many pristine lakes in this state where you can see the stones at the bottom.

We went to get some peace and perspective.  It worked.  Sticking toes in clean clear water, watching the ripples across a lake encircled by trees and seeing the sun suspended in a pale blue sky made our hearts light.

Today, Matt called.  He knows how sad we are and likes to make us laugh.  So, we try to end our calls with laughter.

You know, I am blessed beyond measure.  No one can touch the love we all have for each other.  We make sure we three say “I love you” to each other every day.

Tell those you love just that because life takes some very precarious turns and you never know when someone you adore will be taken from you.

Peace and much love..;)❤


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