Day 534 How do you change…?

Today is Friday. Today, I pondered how does one even wrap her head around fixing a system that is peverted, so farcical like a bizarre comedy. All the players are given exaggerated scripts that not only ignore the law, but ridicule and scoff at the constitution.  This farce is normally performed in a courtroom and if anyone is laughing or slapping someone on the back for a “good show,” it’s most certainly and most often not the defendant.

Whoever lies the best or produces the most convincing narrative wins the day.  And, if that doesn’t work, one will threaten decades in a cage and/or the other will serve up his/her client to the lions in order to save money and time.

How do you change a system steeped in lies, obscene inhumane treatment and vengeful vindictiveness?  Where do find people who value truth, integrity, fairness and restorative justice and mercy for the poor?  Where are those who tell you they have the greatest respect for the constitution and sincerely mean it?

Is this even possible in a capitalist society where greed and obsession for power thrive?

Too may people suffer, too many people face the evil of the twisted people who are drunk on the power over others.

I don’t have an answer.  I just know the current system does not work.

🌹For my son, Matt:  you make me so very proud.  You handle yourself with grace, dignity and respect for others even though the cowards and liars still persecute you.  One day, my son, one day…..💕🌹

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