Day 532 Imagine

Today is Wednesday. Today, I spent time taking online tests for a job interview I have tomorrow. It’s actually an employment agency that places people in available jobs. I have to tell you that I prefer Open Office products over the corporate junk.
Today, I heard a saying that put in in a poetic mood. The saying was something like why can’t human beings be great at being human.


All human beings acting humanely
Paying forward was a way of life
No one in our cities ever feeling hungry before bed
Those who promised to serve and protect did so and were served and protected themselves
Integrity and honesty were the norm; duplicity and dishonesty were uncommon
If greed wasn’t a word in the dictionary or in the hearts of people
My dreams were made sweeter by you achieving yours
If peace was the treasure sought instead of wars for profit
That truth was held in highest esteem; not despised, not punished

Today, my son received a map of where we are living at this time. One would of thought he was given a thousand dollars. He was quite excited. When he has hope, I have hope. Then,, I can only imagine…:)

Much love my friends.

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