Day in peace Heather

Today is Sunday. Today, I saw a video clip of the mom whose son ran down Heather Heyer in Charlottesville. I believe the comments were meant to be unkind. I really do believe she probabIy was oblivious to her son’s intentions. One must remember how many people in this country eat from the BS bowl of Fox News and other slop entertainment outlets that pose for accurate information. When I came back from Canada over 2 years ago, people still didn’t know who Edward Snowdon or Chelsea Manning were.
It is no joke that many Americans know little of Geography and even less when it comes to History. Our schools have some blame in that.
But, I want to think about Heather. She was just one year younger than my son, Matt. I can hardly pen this as my heart breaks for her mother.


I saw a picture of you, dear beautiful girl
Your eyes mirrored the sweet smile on you lips.
Did you get a warning that hatred would try to snuff out your light?
I read about a girl who couldn’t stay silent about racism
She went to protest peacefully to stand against an evil.
Did you feel the hatred wanting to snuff out your light.
I heard you were mowed down by a car
A man whose hate filled ideology meant more to him than a young girl’s life.
When you left this world it began with hate
But love will never let him snuff your light out.
Rest in peace dear soul.

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