Day 521 Charlottesville

Today is Saturday. Today, I remembered a tweet I saw a few days ago after reading about the mess in Charlottesville. Someone had asked where does the hatred come from.
As I watched with extreme sadness the sickening behaviour in Charlottesville, VA, I reminded what my son,Matt said during our short call today.
He said, “Mom, there’s no community, no love for our neighbors. It’s when you look at people as “others,” you devalue them and then the hatred grows and spreads like an evil cancer.”
It’s how someone can drive a car into anti white supremacist protesters with obvious intent to harm.
Historically, this country was built on human commodity. Some people are just not people; they are merchandise and if the merchandise is considered defective or substandard, then it’s disposed of and trashed.
It is a sad fact of human nature that the selfish, the elitist will exploit those based on race, colour, religion, gender, economic status, etc.
Since long before this election, the anger and hatred have been bubbling like a witch’s brew. The racism and the interminable “war on terror” along with gross income disparity and corrupt politics have only given ever increasing rise to brutality, to violence, to fascism.
Until there is peace and love at the core of each heart, there can be no real peace or love in the world at large.
Love values all people; peace values everyone’s existence.

Blessings my of courage.

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