Day 520 North Korea

Today is Friday. Today, I feel led to express my thoughts on the subject of North Korea. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (a sad and tragic joke as the poor folks of the DPRK have a totalitarian despotic dictatorship under the leadership of a brutal and narcissistic family line). The people are discouraged from supporting or following anyone or anything that might supplant total devotion to the “Supreme Leader” and they will be punished severely if they are accused of lack of devotion.

The recent threats from the DPRK and Trump (locked and loaded) to engage in war with the use of nuclear weapons is taking the insanity up to another notch in an already insane and dangerous atmosphere.

Let’s just imagine for a moment children playing outside in a small Midwest town, say in Illinois. They are running and laughing, chasing each other and perhaps blowing bubbles made from Mom’s dish soap because dollars are even too tight to buy the bubble solution in those small colourful bottles. Now, imagine little children in a small village outside the capital of Pyongyang laughing and playing, chasing each other in a game of tag. Children. Who benefits from war? Not children. Instead of being kept safe, many civilians are just collateral damage.

Do you ever wonder why Kim Jong-Il wants to threaten the US? I mean it’s really crazy considering who we are and the military might we have. I say precisely. You might think this selfish, brutal and egotistical maniac wants to flex his military might (and he does have military might; his country has the highest number of military and paramilitary members in the world after China and the US) and you could be right. But, I suspect this man, who lives an uber-luxurious lifestyle while his citizens scrape by to survive would not want to jeopardize his pampered existence with war. I suspect the Supreme Leader is afraid that he will be ousted or murdered and his country invaded. And he has good reason to fear that because this same thing has been done in over 80 countries. Personally, I see a good opportunity here for wise negotiations that would benefit a people whose human rights have been grossly violated for a very long time without using nukes to decimate them.

Lest you question my patriotism (and I must be honest, I struggle with this after the torture and imprisonment of my son), I can tell you what patriotism is not. It is not a blind eye to instigating war for profit. It is not Nationalism. It is not devotion to the notion that your country would not cause horrendous suffering to the world at large for gain when in fact it has gone on for decades.

I ask where are the Statesmen? Where are the negotiators for peace? Sadly, we have people who don’t know their history. Most people couldn’t tell you where North Korea is on the map never mind who the leader of that country is. Incredulous as it might seem, most people couldn’t tell you who the PM of Canada is or the President of Mexico.  Ignorance is not an incurable disease.  Sadly, there is no money in peace. Nuclear war is permanent destruction. There is no surviving this. The fact that government leaders like to sabre rattle and threaten is a dangerous game because one idiot just might launch. We were on the verge before with Russia over Cuba.

I think about the children everywhere. I think about Guam. I think about the South Koreans what it must be like to be on the doorstep.  I think about Americans stationed overseas. I think about the “we versus them” mentality. How naive, how immoral, how stupid. We all share the same planet. We all share humanity. When will working for peace be the passion and first thought instead of counterproductive threats and war?

Today is Friday.  Today, we prayed as a family for peace.  It seems like a worn out statement, but we really do want there to be peace for everyone.

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