Day 513 Wake up call

Today is Friday. Today, I was given the privilege of listening to the LoraxLive show with amazing host Adam. He was interviewing John Kiriakou, the CIA officer who was put in prison for exposing the CIA’s torture program. What motivated him to share the truth? Well besides his conscience, he was angered by the lies if George W. Bush, who said the American gov’t doesn’t torture.
Here are some things you may have not known as shared by a former CIA officer:

The CIA has close ties with Hollywood to purport its propaganda. Remember “Zero Dark Thirty?” Totally made up. Remember the television show 24? It has probably done the most damage in terms of spreading propaganda.

John called my family one night right after my son was forced to plea. He is a brilliant, funny and very kind man. He told us how he understood what my son and we were going through.  He listened and I appreciated his compassion.

I have had the wonderful opportunity of meeting some special and courageous people through all of this nightmare.

Tonight, I send my love to Adam and I thank him for the shout outs. I also send my love out to John and his family. His fight to continue sharing the truth is inspiring after all he has endured.

Great show Adam..;)❤

Peace dear friends. Question more. Most things are definitely not what they seem.

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