Day 512 Eating smart

Today is Thursday.  Today, I stepped into a Whole Foods Market to get a salad.  I felt almost giddy.  I saw recyclable paper bags and reusable canvas grocery bags instead of plastic.  The words “organic” and “all natural” were written everywhere.

I told Matt about the store and he is a foodie.  He loves really good healthy food.

I came from an area where most people don’t really care about organics or whether the food source has gmo’s or infused with glysophate.

Autism, cancer, and a whole host of diseases could be prevented if we read labels, tried to eat smart and become activists for healthy choices for our kids.

Tonight I had a wonderful fresh organic salad with veggies and beans.  I also drink Kombucha which is fermented probiotic tea.  It comes in all kinds of delightful flavours.  I chose an apple flavour, pink lady.

Tonight a friend of mine is hurt.  She feels betrayed.  To my friend out there in the Sunshine state..I love you very much and I hope we can reconnect.  Please call me sometime.

💕🌹Love is patient.  We need to be patient with those we love.  Peace my dear dear friends.💖

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