Day 539 Love is reserved for people

Today is Wednesday. Today, I saw how the shelters in those flooded areas of Texas are now becoming flooded themselves. Where do all those poor displaced people go?
Today I read a thread involving a follower of Joel Osteen and another tweeter who was trying to remain self-controlled. The one tweeter believed Osteen should have opened his large church building to shelter those who were homeless from the flooding. The follower on the other hand totally disagreed and said the building was only for worship. He was asked what would Jesus do and his answer dismayed and saddened me.
The follower said that Jesus would tell those poor displaced people to go find another shelter. I would say this person is definitely a follower of Joel rather than Jesus.
Jesus has always been more concerned with people. Things are just things like church buildings are just buildings. My advice to the follower would be to spend more time listening to Jesus’ sermons. The danger of preaching on wealth is that’s what the focus will be. Jesus only owned the clothes on his back and His sandals.
When buildings, monuments, money and any other stuff are valued more than people, it’s time to re-evaluate your thinking. It’s time to have a meeting with Jesus should you call yourself a christian.
Love is reserved for people not for things.

My son prays for the folks in Texas every phone call.

peace my friends

Day 538 Veterans for Peace

Today is Tuesday. I am a member of the organization Veterans for Peace. I joined when I lived in Indiana. I would like to share a message the chapter there sent. I believe we need to respect all people..;)


August 25, 2017

Contact Gary E. May, President
Veterans For Peace
Evansville, IN Chapter 104


The officers and members of Veterans For Peace, Evansville, IN Chapter 104 object, in the strongest possible terms, to the President’s ill-advised and mean spirited directive banning transgender members from joining the US armed forces. The egregious Presidential Directive also prohibits the expenditure of Department of Defense resources on medical regimens to treat transgender individuals currently serving.

Our experience and knowledge are that the US armed forces have historically been populated by capable and honorable people of incredible diversity of racial, ethnic, and cultural background, sexual orientation and agreement or disagreement with the sex assigned to them. The President’s spiteful action ignores this reality and betrays previous commitments made to the transgender community and undermines the integrity of military service.

This offensive directive is said to be motivated as a cost saving measure. The US military budget is larger than the TOTAL of dozens of other countries that rank among the top military spenders in the world; the President has requested a $54 billion increase in defense department spending. Historically, defense expenditures have been squandered on useless and unwanted weapons systems and numerous misguided invasions and foreign escapades.

In these days of increasing and cavalier wars or near-wars and actual threats, we should utilize our military resources judiciously. EVERYONE serving under arms, by their presence in the all-volunteer force, has affirmed a desire to contribute to the country’s safety. We should value, preserve and develop their diverse skills and perspectives.

This directive, issued under cover of a major life-threatening hurricane, is an insult to all persons serving in the military and veterans. The reality is that those of us who have served and those currently serving do so to protect and extend the freedoms for ALL people.”

Day 537 Roses

Today is Monday. Today, I spent the morning in a local coffee shop writing out cards to some of my people who are incarcerated. I found some pictures I had taken of beautiful roses in my garden in Indiana. I put a picture in each of the cards. I told my guys that there is beauty in the world and just sometimes one has to search for it.
The roses had drops of rain on lovely deep pink petals.
There is so much ugliness and pain in the world especially for those in prison. I like to slip in positive things like art and pictures and poetry. I like to open the door so to speak and let some light inside.
Today and every day, I hope this blog inspires you to share a little kindness, a little humanity with those in prison, or the homeless, or those who sit in nursing homes or those who frequent the local soup kitchens.
Today, I saw a tweet to Joe Olsteen and his wife. Olsteen called for prayer for the hurricane victims and the person who copied the tweet asked him why didn’t he open his fine church building and donate his money.
Faith without action is dead.

Prayers are powerful but God does expect us to share.

Send my son, Matt, a card.  He is struggling a bit with the vindictiveness of this most recent persecution against him.

Much love..💕


Today is Sunday. Today, Paul and I went up toward the mountains to get a bit of breathing time and prayer for our son. It has been such an upheaval for our lives but we laughed and said we feel like Gypsies ever on the move..😊
Today, I did an hour radio show with the kindest and loveliest hosts and supporters. My son is very blessed to have a community who stand behind him.
Today, I found out that Texas prisoners have been evacuated to safety because of Hurricane Harvey.
Today, Paul got our Canada docs together and we will be discussing strategy with his defense tomorrow.

A shout out to all of you out there who make the DeHart family feel supported. Your kindness and love has kept us sane and strong through all of this.


Day 535 Perspective

Today is Saturday.  Today, Paul and I went through documents to gather up support for Matt’s Canadian prison time.  When we revisit these past issues, we are transported back to a different and very difficut time.  These trips backward cause a bit of traumatic stress for both of us.  But, we do it because we have been the only real defense team in the US for our son.

Today, we decided to flee our little hotel room and escape to one of the many pristine lakes in this state where you can see the stones at the bottom.

We went to get some peace and perspective.  It worked.  Sticking toes in clean clear water, watching the ripples across a lake encircled by trees and seeing the sun suspended in a pale blue sky made our hearts light.

Today, Matt called.  He knows how sad we are and likes to make us laugh.  So, we try to end our calls with laughter.

You know, I am blessed beyond measure.  No one can touch the love we all have for each other.  We make sure we three say “I love you” to each other every day.

Tell those you love just that because life takes some very precarious turns and you never know when someone you adore will be taken from you.

Peace and much love..;)❤


Day 534 How do you change…?

Today is Friday. Today, I pondered how does one even wrap her head around fixing a system that is peverted, so farcical like a bizarre comedy. All the players are given exaggerated scripts that not only ignore the law, but ridicule and scoff at the constitution.  This farce is normally performed in a courtroom and if anyone is laughing or slapping someone on the back for a “good show,” it’s most certainly and most often not the defendant.

Whoever lies the best or produces the most convincing narrative wins the day.  And, if that doesn’t work, one will threaten decades in a cage and/or the other will serve up his/her client to the lions in order to save money and time.

How do you change a system steeped in lies, obscene inhumane treatment and vengeful vindictiveness?  Where do find people who value truth, integrity, fairness and restorative justice and mercy for the poor?  Where are those who tell you they have the greatest respect for the constitution and sincerely mean it?

Is this even possible in a capitalist society where greed and obsession for power thrive?

Too may people suffer, too many people face the evil of the twisted people who are drunk on the power over others.

I don’t have an answer.  I just know the current system does not work.

🌹For my son, Matt:  you make me so very proud.  You handle yourself with grace, dignity and respect for others even though the cowards and liars still persecute you.  One day, my son, one day…..💕🌹

Day 533 Duplicity and vindictiveness

Today is Thursday. Today, I had a job interview up in the northern part of the state. It is almost surreal for me to drive a highway enclosed on either side with trees and then to come over a hill and see mountains looming before me. The beauty of it all brings tears to my eyes.
But, today’s tears were not solely for awesome scenery.
My son, who is a year out from release, received a memo today from the BOP center in Texas. Apparently, someone started an “investigation” into Matt’s Canadian incarceration and lied to the head person that Matt asked for the investigation. Let me be clear that Matt’s time was already calculated at sentencing.
The “someone” also lied about the reason for Matt’s incarceration in Canada.

Matt has just had his credited 18 months time for Canada unjustifiably taken away.

Now, I ask you why when his counselor told him he was a model prisoner and a candidate for home confinement would Matt question his credited time he already received? Especially when prisoners are not allowed submit their own documents.
I hope everyone sees this is about dulplicity and vindictiveness because it was never about false child porn charges.
This is cruel and inhumane, but I believe I am already preaching to the choir. We know why the system is broken.
My son is going to need good legal help. I’m still waiting.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.💕