Day 508 Stamps

Today is Sunday. Today, I pulled out my sheet of stamps I got from the post office. This particular sheet showcases Disney villains like Captain Hook, the evil Queen from Snow White, Cruella Deville etc. It is rather colourful. All of these villains are defeated in their respective animated movies. Don’t you wish real evil villains can be just as seemingly easily defeated?
Two of my caged peeps that I write are in their early twenties. They are allowed to have stamps sent to them. Normally, I would send them an entire sheet; but, this time I could only give them a few. I am on an extremely tight budget and hopefully, when I get a job, I can do more.
I am eager to find out what they thought about the stamps.
It may not seem like a big deal; but, even little things like unique stamps can be something very positive in their environment.
Everyone needs to feel like someone cares about him or her. Everyone needs to be loved.  Those inside need to know that there is atleast one person in this world who won’t turn her/his back them.  We are sometimes the only human connection on the outside for them.

Please send a letter or a card to a prisoner. I hear from my son and the others I write that mail is coming less often. Send a few words of cheer this week.

Be strong and’s really rough out there. Peace dear friends..💕😉

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