Day 503 Consumer

Today is Tuesday. Today, I decided to take a walk and do some exploring. I also wanted to stop by a local arts and craft store to buy a pencil sharpener as I had packed my electric one which is in some box in storage.
I went to the craft store first. I waited in line for what seemed like an eternity and behind just one woman. She had a cart filled to the brim with stuff. Knick knacks, wreaths, ceramic pumpkins, etc. I was amazed at all the junk this woman was buying apparently to decorate her home.
After the clerk wrapped each and every item, she waited for the woman to make payment.
I watched this woman pull out 4 different credit cards. She had tried 3 of the cards and obviously had exceeded her limit because the unpleasant sound the machine gives off when a card is denied echoed loudly.
I thought about the young man I saw yesterday in worn jeans and a tee full of holes who was begging for funds to get to Maine. He looked hungry and alone.
It irked me when the lady grabbed up her 5 bags full of useless stuff and said “God bless” as she walked away. Exactly what was she asking God to bless?
I won’t make a judgement here but do I think she would have noticed a young homeless person who needed some help as she drove by?
Imagine how many bellys might be filled for the amount of money that was spent on needless stuff?
I will tell you what this lady did do. I followed her out if the store after I paid for my pencil sharpener. She walked right past an elderly woman who had a walker and a old shopping bag for her purse without giving her a second look.

Peace my friends..(we would help the elderly woman.;)

Matt has a meeting tomorrow with his case manager. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers..thank you💖

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