Day 502 Never forget those in prison

Today is Monday. Today, I managed to find the grocery store and get myself back to where I needed to be. I don’t have a very good sense of direction and that has always frustrated me.
Today, I watched the rain fall which was the entire day. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it rain an entire day. It was only 59 degrees, a bit chilly for July.
Today, I chatted with my son who is grateful his parents are still in one piece after a heck of a move.
Today, I started hunting for a job. Today, I realized my fairy godmother was not going to shower me in gold
Today, I started creating some art cards to update my caged peeps with my new address.
Tonight, I am going to chill out with a glass of my favourite Riesling and a piece of cheese.
Tonight, I will think about all my caged peeps and spend some time in prayer for them. My life may be topssy turvy right now but they are in prison. I can’t ever forget that.

Pray for those in prison if you would.

Peace.. 💖💫🌹

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