Day 501 Challenges

Today is Sunday. Today, I drove around with Paul to investigate the areas where we might live. Real estate is not cheap here and so that will be a bit of a challenge for us. We have to have an address for Matt to come to.
Paul starts work tomorrow. He will be a hospice chaplain again. That’s his gift; encouraging the dying and their families.
I will hit the ground running and try to find employment. My dearest friend told me he had faith in me. He said they just have to meet me and they will love me. Awww.
I had dinner today in Portsmouth. I was able to stand by the bay and breath in the sea air. I grew up by the ocean when I was a kid. It was 75 degrees with a wonderful breeze off the water.
Tomorrow I am going to try and find a place to get groceries by myself and do laundry. When you move across the country and live in a hotel room, lots of simple things become challenges.
Today, I decided to return to being a vegetarian. I have seen one too many videos about the meat industry. I won’t be a participant to such animal cruelty. The last video I saw was about piglets being castrated without pain medicine and thrown on tables as they squealed in great pain. I couldn’t eat anything for 2 days. NO animal deserves that kind of cruelty.
Changes and challenges, a part of life. It’s how you handle those changes and challenges that determine character..:)

Blessings and peace dear friends..💕

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