Day 493 Boxes

Today is Saturday. Today, I just returned from seeing my son in Ashland at the Federal prison. It was quite crowded today, but the guards on duty were in a particularly good mood and treated everyone with civility and respect.  I hugged my son much tighter and much longer because I don’t know when I will get to see him again.
Today, I sorted through some boxes. It’s amazing how your life can be counted in boxes. What I have learned about us is that we are not very materialistic. Our boxes contain mostly books, clothing and some kitchen items. We have very little furniture, 2 old dressers, my art table and Paul’s liitle desk. Makes moving simple.
We are forced to leave the parsonage and a hostile state that has egregious residency laws. Matt is still being persecuted.
There are people here who are grieved by the situation and love us, so there are some who find some of the laws reprehensible.
Again, we find me must take matters in our own hands to protect our son from those who would seek to harm him.
Boxes. I am thankful that our lives are more than boxes of stuff. We have been blessed to be a part of a number of decent and wonderful people’s lives. I add them to the beautiful people who support Matt and us.
Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue this saga. Life is not for the puny is it?

My hugs go out to all of my followers and those who have the patience to read my blog..😉💖✨

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