Day 492 Sneakers

Today is Friday. Today, I freaked a little thinking I had lost my favourite pair of shoes, sneakers to be more specific. But, I found them.  I had accidentally packed them in a box with other footwear.

Why my favorite? Well, I’ve been in interesting places with these sneakers that I have not been with any other shoes.
I wear them when I go see Matt because they have nothing metal on or inside them to set off the metal detectors.

A couple of weeks ago I was standing in front of the Pride Parade on 31st Street in Manhattan in my sneakers.
I get a variety of looks from people when they notice my sneakers. I just smile and some smile back while others dismiss me.
I have new places to go and new people to meet and I shall be wearing my sneakers when I do it. Everytime I put them on my feet, I remember where I’ve been and whom I’ve seen.

Tomorrow, I will walk into the federal prison in Ashland to see my son. One day I want to walk through the woods or by a winding stream in my sneakers with my son right beside me.

Put on your favorite shoes and go take a walk with someone you love. That’s a nice memory to associate with those shoes.

Peace and much love friends..💕🌹💫

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