Day 491 Coloured Pencils

Today is Thursday. Today, I was thinking about all the people who have made an impact on my life whether for good or bad. I have this plastic container that holds all my coloured pencils. I have used them for countless art projects and art cards for the caged people I write.
Some of the colours are bold, bright and beautiful like some of the extraordinary people in my world. Other colours are darker, less bright, less attractive by themselves; but when coupled or underlaid for other colours, they make the bright colours even brighter. Even the people who brought pain and sorrow to my life have made me a better person, a more colourful life.
I love art. I love colour. You will generally not find a white wall where I live..;)
People are like my coloured pencils. I have definite favourites and not so favourites. But, all my pencils are important. I wouldn’t part with any of them. I may not use them often in my art but they still remain in my container.
The people who have brought me misery, they are just put aside like pencils that are not used.
I want to be the colour that makes people smile and feel good about themselves.
I was thinking about Ross Ulbricht again. He was moved to a Colorado prison. When I see the wonderful comments made about him, I think of beautiful colours illuminating his life and how he has made a difference for others as a lovely colour in their lives.
You are probably wondering how she gets all of this out of a box of pencils..😁
Well, I would be remiss if I didn’t say that my son, Matt, has coloured some people’s worlds beautiful. I have the many letters to prove it.

What colour are you? Are you brightening someone’s life, someone’s world?

Much love my dear friends..💖💫💕

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