Day 490 Jack and Fiona (sometimes there are happy endings)

Today is Wednesday. Today, I took a walk by myself. I no longer have my dog, Fiona. I had to give her up because I have to move due to residency laws regarding my son’s conditions related to bogus charges.
As my heart was breaking, I prayed about my little minpin having a fenced in yard and a playmate.
The next day without her, a woman named Anne told Paul that she had adopted Fiona to replace the minpin she lost in June. She said Fiona was running her fenced yard with her second minpin, Jack.
Omg, I could just see her bounding in this yard. She prances like a deer and will just have a blast with her new found friend, Jack.
Anne knew all about minpins, there temperaments and she loved them.
Fiona is in a better place than I could give her. She was abused when I got her and now she is in a place where she will be truly happy. If a dog could smile, she’d be grinning from ear to ear.
Sometimes happy endings do happen and this sweet little dog deserves it.

Peace my dear friends..💕🌹

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