Day 485 Brilliance

Today is Friday. Today, I had the privilege of having a late lunch with a charming woman who has been a wonderful supporter of Matt and his family.  We met at a Chili’s and spent time catching up.

There are people that come along who are front and centre with their amazing talents and they are pushed into the limelight.

Yet, there are others who are quiet, stay in the background allowing others to gain the attention.  These people are no less talented, no less brilliant.  I have a great fondness for the quiet supporters because I’ve found that they all exhibit a heart for others, loyalty, and a brilliance that outshines the stars on a crisp winter night.

I am so blessed to know so many like my friend who made me feel so special because she was excited to see me again.

To all of you who would never seek the glory for yourselves, I see your brilliance and from the very depths of my heart you are very important, a VIP if you will in my life.

Thank you my friend for giving me a blessing of you today. Matt thanks you, too because your love, kindness and understanding help him maintain his quiet resilience.

💕Much love and peace..solidarity..💕

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