Day 484 Be outrageous to yourself

Today is Thursday. Today, has been difficult, but then again, difficult days seem to be the norm. So, with that in mind, I want to borrow from a wonderful soul in Australia her advice when life isn’t exactly copacetic: be outrageous to yourself.
Mmm..that conjures up all kinds of things for me. I have a weakness for gelato and ice cream. I can just imagine the indulgent sundaes I can put down.:)
Sometimes we just need to live a bit outrageously, let our hair down so to speak and do something that will make us giggle like little school girls.
Or maybe its something that relaxes and puts one in a lovely state of tranquillity.
At any rate, just do it. Lord knows we don’t have a lot to smile about these days so let’s do some smiling and in the process put a smile on someone else’s face. We can always share our experiences, eh?
Today, I took a picture of a rose from my garden. I sent it to a 24 year old who is serving 6 years in prison for drug related charges. His family has abandoned him. He was given my name as “the mom who writes prisoners.”
You know, if that gets chiseled on my tombstone, well, I would love to be remembered like that.
If you have a chance to read my son’s letter tweeted by the Courage Foundation
@couragefound I think you will be inspired. He is outrageous in his resilience and fortitude.
So thank you Shell for some awesome advice. Let’s be good to ourselves every now and then and let’s do it outrageously.

Peace and much love.πŸ’•πŸŒŸπŸ’•

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