Day 483 Save the planet and help a prisoner

Today is Wednesday. Today, I did some reading and discovered we are drowning in plastic. I suspected this to be the case and sadly it is so.
Plastic doesn’t rot nor does it disintigrate. Did you realize that our oceans are full of plastic especially straws? Plastic causes injury to marine life, serious injury.
Plastic is a gross polluter out of control. We can do our part to cut plastic products out of our lives. Start with a couple of changes and then remove plastic completely.

1) Don’t use straws, sip from the container.
2) Buy a metal or glass container and have your coffee or cold drink in one of these containers.
3) Don’t have your takeout put in plastic or styrofoam containers.
4) Don’t buy water in plastc bottles. Get a filtered pitcher and pour water into glass or metal bottles.
5) Bring metal forks and sppons; don’t use plastc cutlery.
6) Use paper plates not plastic.

These are just some ideas on how to reduce your use of plastic and help our endangered environment.

Here’s another idea: when you make a choice not to buy plastic while you are out shopping, take that money you would spend and send it to Books for Prisoners or put some money on the commissary for our suffering inmates. Many of them get nothing but garbage for food.

Today, I took my loose change and scraped up nearly $35 to put on my little autistic prisoner’s account so he can eat better.
If you don’t have anyone in mind, there are organizations that can help.

Peace and blessings..let’s save the planet and show some kindness to caged fellow humans.

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