Day 480 birthday wishes and death threats

Today is Sunday. Today, I found myself questioning the sanity of people. No, maybe not sanity but integrity, morality and even humanity.
What is it about people who speak hatred? Those who talk about having people murdered because they have this warped ideal about their country being perfect.

No government is perfect, because people aren’t perfect.  We are supposed to have a free press that keeps government accountable.

If our press is corporately owned and influenced by government, then we are not getting the truth.  We are getting something biased, something perverted because there is no accountability.

When publishers rise up and they will to reveal the other side of things at the very least, governments that control the press aren’t very happy.

The tragedy is when uninformed citizens dining on propaganda refuse to use their own brains and do a bit of thinking.  Instead, they hurl death threats at messengers.

To one publisher who has received death threats in place of birthday wishes, I hope one day the ignorance and hatred will be replaced with understanding and a desire to make the world a better place for all people.

Until then, peace and very much needed love.


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