Day 478 Pieces of hearts

Today is Friday. Today, I received an essay from one of the guys who my son knows. It was well written, poignant, and a piece of his heart.
I told Matt I would like to collect essays from others and put them all together in a book. The stories are so powerful and need to be shared.
I feeI like the privileged and honoured keeper of hearts. When people in prison write, they tend to pour themselves honestly out in every word and line on the page of a letter. I save every letter I get from my caged peeps and I have a box full.

Pieces of Hearts
You put your stub of a pencil to the paper
But its your heart that writes the words
You open yourself to a stranger, unfiltered
I hold a piece of your heart in my hands
My life is forever changed, enriched by you.

Trust..many of my friends tell me I am a “safe” person therefore I can be trusted. It is an incredible gift to gain trust. It can never be squandered or sold. I am so blessed that my peeps know I will hold and guard the pieces of their hearts until the day they allow me to share.

Much love my friends. May you be enriched by others in this world as I have been.

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