Day 474 Truth is a risk

Today is Monday. Today, I listened to someone who I have come to admire. He is a cameraman who has seen the the brutality of war and filmed its survivors. He has also had a gun put to his head for filming what some do not want the world to see.
I asked him if he has nightmares and he told me he did frequently.
I have a deep respect for true and honest journalism. I have such admiration for those who put themselves at great risk to tell the world about events and many of those events are disturbing.
Today, I am really very blessed to meet people who have such courage, people who are impassioned to change the world for the better.  Telling the truth by word, by film, by art is a risky business.
Tonight, I spent time with people who are actively supporting those who want to expose the lies, share the truth and change the world.
Tonight, I rode the subway, had real pizza and glimpsed the lady with the torch.
I spoke with Matt and we smiled thinking about the times we did the City together.

My love to my friends, my prayers for those on the front lines..💕

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