Day 472 No time to catch a breath

Today is Saturday. Today has been a continuation of a week where changes and issues came so fast not only did our heads spin, but we didn’t seem to have any time to catch a breath.

Today, Paul and I told the story again about Matt’s torture, our asylum, Matt’s imprisonment and the continuing persecution.

I want to stand on a mountain top and shout: Matt DeHart is still being persecuted! Torturers are still free and probably doing it to someone else.

It’s so hard. It’s been 7 years and some people are just now figuring out that bad things really do happen in this country.

Today, I got a letter from my son. He said the prison officials were listening in to his call with his lawyer. They told him, ” We know you’ve been talking to your people. You know this won’t go well for you.”

So, now its a crime to talk with your lawyer?

How does one fight these psychotic people?

I am going to bed before I write something that I will seriously regret.

Sleep well my friends..if you pray, please add my son to your list. Thank you..💖

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