Day 470 Sunset

Today is Thursday. Today I watched a sunset draped in shades of lavender, blue, red and pink stretch the entire sky. A golden ribbon of sunlight weaved itself through the fabric like clouds.
Today, I think I misjudged a very dear person’s intentions. Sometimes I can bring baggage into a conversation and not realize what I’m doing. I have been attacked, threatened, lied to and taken advantage of, but that is no excuse to transfer those feelings and become suspect of those I cherish.
We are all complicated beings and we need to examine our motives and intentions, at least I do.
As I watched the colours fade from a darkening sky, I tried to separate all my feelings and let them fade leaving only compassion.
To my friend, please forgive me.

Today, my son called outside of our normally scheduled time because he felt I was hurting. He was right. I don’t know how he knows but he does..:)

Sunsets. We are like sunsets; moody blues, irritable reds, sensitive lavenders, pleasant pinks. But, when we get ourselves in balance then the golden light glows.

Peace dear friends. Real friends are like jewels who need to be treasured..💕

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