Day 461 Don’t forget to remember not to forget…:)

Today is Tuesday. Today, it was 92 degrees with probably the same humidity. Whew! Walking outside, I felt the warm breeze hit my face and I could have sworn it was my hair dryer…:)
Today, I passed up the hearing with Jeff Sessions.

I think I forgot to remember that I wanted to remember to forget about watching Mr. Sessions not remember anything.

Sometimes one just has to laugh at the people who consider themselves important. Rules are for everyone else but them. And when they are confronted with their lies and they are undone by much more intelligent people, then it’s almost sad to see their pitiful faces crumble and their self importance leak out like drool from a baby.

Here is the same man who invokes the Lord and wants to put people who are addicted to opoids and those who dispense medical marijuana in prison. What a sad old man with a dried up prune for a heart.

Today, I wish more people would take themselves a little less seriously. Imagine if our government servants (and I say that tongue in cheek) gave speaking the truth a try and laughed a little at themselves. Imagine if they were accessible and kind. I mean think of Mitch McConnell. Can you imagine being him? Someone needs to give him a hug. He’s miserable and so many are like him.

I say lets give them some of that gas that makes one laugh and then give them a mirror.

Today, I took my loaner car out for a spin. I hit a deer last Thursday evening with my Honda CRV. The insurance lady told Paul that I was incredibly lucky for someone who hit a deer at 70 miles an hour. She said I should have been seriously hurt or worse dead. Well, I am here to tell you that I am not dead and I am not damaged…:) I still shake a bit when I drive and it hasn’t helped my PTSD any; but I am grateful that I am still in one piece. The poor deer. I don’t know. I cried more for the animal than myself.

Well, I didn’t forget to remember to post to my blog. And I will not forget to remember that I mustn’t forget to wish you peace. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.) Poor Jeff Beauregard; he takes himself too dang seriously.


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