Day 460 “Be Attitudes”

Today is Monday. Today, I wanted to share a little bit about the moral code I want to and try to live by: Beatitudes found in Matthew 5. (one of my most favourite chapters in the New Testament) I will start with the first one and expound a little…:)

Blessed are the poor in spirit.….

I know theologians from past to present have commented on the meaning of these pearls of wisdom; but, I would like to talk about what they mean to me.

Poor in spirit, hmmm. Poor = lacking sufficient money to live within society’s normal standard; substandard quality. I am going to camp on the word “lacking” for my discussion.
Spirit = the non physical part of a person that is the soul; what makes us who we are

So, back to being poor in spirit, what does that mean? I think there are certain qualities that make us poor in a good sense. Poor as in the world does not revolve around us and we are empty of those things that are dark and narcissistic in our lives.
But let me throw out a few character traits that create the “poor in spirit” attitude.

1) Humility. One is devoid of arrogance, devoid of one-up-manship, devoid of I’m better than you because…., and devoid of self aggrandizement.

2) Compassion. Empathy, concern, sympathetic pity for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. To have a heart that is moved by another’s suffering irregardless of race, religion, gender, economic status, culture, or  criminal record.

3) Selflessness. More concern with others and their needs than with one’s own. Refusing to be caught up in the materialism and focus on the welfare of others. Actively looking for opportunities to help make someone’s life better.

Poor in spirit; trying to live like I’m not the centre of the universe. Realizing I need others in my life to make me a deeper, more decent, and richer human being. To recognize that my life will count for something when it is in service to those who have no voice, no support, no one to love them.

These are high goals to work toward but oh, the person who is blessed being poor in spirit and those blessed by such a person.

(For my son who works very hard at trying to be one of those who is “poor in spirit.”) Lots of love.

Peace my friends. Peace and blessings to you.

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