Day 459 Gift of God

Today is Sunday. Today, I was able to spend the second day with my son for his birthday. He has spent 6 birthdays and 7 Christmases in prison.
But today, he told me how grateful he was that he had parents who loved him and could and would come to spend two days visiting with him.
Okay, moms do this so bare with me. Matt is my only living kiddo. I lost two babies before him. I almost lost Matt so I had to stay in the hospital in my 4th month until my 8th so I would not lose him, too.
When he came into the world, I already had a name picked out: Eric Daniel. But, when I saw his sweet little face, the name Matthew was impressed upon me. I didn’t know til later that the name means “gift of God.”
My son is 33 now; not a kid but a man. I have watched him weather some great injustices perpetrated on him by this gov’t and by those who were supposed to protect him.
I wish I could turn the clock back and give him the years back he had lost but I can’t.
Matt told me today that he feels very privileged to be among some of the most decent people he has known. Have many made mistakes? Of course they have. But people can be redeemed. They deserve second chances.
He knows a couple of transgendered people there and he says he is convicted in his heart to stand up against the intolerance, the hatred, the nasty comments. How can people who call themselves Christians act like this toward another human being he asked me.
This reminds me of an old song with lyrics:
We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord (2x)
We pray that humanity may one day be restored
They will know we are Christians by our love, by our love
Yes, they will know we are Christian by our love.
Life is really hard sometimes. But, the true test of character is what you glean from the struggles and in turn use for the betterment of others.
All of this has taught us to care more deeply about those around us especially those who struggle so much in this world.
I adore my son. He encourages me every time I connect with him. He is my only son and I am truly grateful for him.
Happy Birthday Matt. We are so very very proud of you.💖💖💖

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