Day 457 Who will stand up for us?

Today is Friday. Tonight, I am in Ashland with plans to see my son for 2 days for his birthday.
Today, l was overwhelmed by the messages of love for my son. It’s never the people you think who should be supporting, who should stand up. The people who have been through the indictment, or the abuse by their lawyers to plea, or the prison time. They are the people who are public figures now. They seem to move on and forget those left behind.
No, the people who weigh in day after day are the ones who struggle paying utility bills, suffer from PTSD, unsung activists, and people with giant hearts for compassion. They are not mentioned in articles or asked to interview for some media outlet.
I want to understand why the former stay silent. Maybe I already know and that’s what pierces me through the heart.
I have seen the evidence and there is none to support the alleged charges that have smeared Matt. My son will be persecuted with this for a very long time if not the rest of his life.
I will throw my lot in with the unsung heroes whose loyalty is like rain on parched earth. I will fight for the truth, fight for my son’s innocence, fight for his honour. Honour that evil people, criminal people have tarnished.
You will know someone’s heart by their actions. People out there know the real Matt DeHart and what he means to them.
For those who are afraid of being associated with the DeHart family, we wish we could show you who we really are.
But for those who stand by us even when shit has been flung at are the treasure in our lives. Please know that I speak honestly and sincerely.

Peace and blessings my friends. The fight is far from over and I am afraid we will need you more than ever.

Sometimes it just takes one word to lift us up. So many of you do that. Much much love from this little family.💕

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