Day 439 Weedwacker

Today is Monday. Today, I was made aware that Paul and I will be investigated on behalf of Matt as he is about 15 months out from release less any halfway house time. A sweet friend told me this was normal; albeit nothing has been normal about this unjust nightmare.
Thinking about this is a trigger for my PTSD. I was a bit of a basket case so I headed out to the yard to wreak a little havoc on the unmowed grass, tall weeds and overgrown bushes.
We have this wonderful battery powered weedwacker. It is light and easy to control. I’ve decided that it is my preferred weapon of choice.
Do you know how delightful it is to give weeds the names of evil prosecutors, duplicitous agents, lying cops, and nasty lawyers and then fire up that weedwacker?
There was nothing left but bare dirt when I got through. Not a speck of green, nothing.
I was sweating profusely, breathing like a racehorse, but I was was feeling pretty damn good.
I am not a violent person, it is not in my nature; but 7 years is a long time to be dealing with this garbage.

To all of you who have issues like me; seriously, get a weedwacker and go take the heads off a few weeds. You’d be surprised at how therapeutic it is and it won’t land you in jail for killing weeds.

Now that I am calm and sleepy, I wish you much love and peace.
My son was surprised and happy that a fed actually filed his paperwork like he said he would. Has to be a first in this case.

Sleep well..:)❤

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