Day 437 Tent living perhaps..:)

Today is Saturday.  Today, it rained for most of the morning and then the sun came out.  Ooh was it ever thick.  It felt like someone threw a wet woolen blanket over the town.  My poor little dog just pants her pink tongue nearly dragging on the ground, with a look that said, “Really, lady, are you going to make me walk in this?”

I have been looking at houses.  It’s been rather painful.  I wish I had taken up carpentry like my brothers.  The places that we could afford are what realtors like to describe as “needing tender loving care.”  Get real people, they are dumps with a price tag.  The houses that are still 50 years or more in age and are move in ready exceed our budget by lots.

Why am I doing this?  Conditions, specifically my son’s conditions.  I can’t live within a thousand feet of a school, park or community center.  Ha Ha…I live within spitting distance of all three.

We jokingly talked about buying a piece of land and pitching a tent.  Hey, that would be more than lots of people have.  My back hurts when I sleep on my expired mattress, so the ground wouldn’t really be much of a change.  I like minimalist living.  It frees one from stuff and helps you focus on what is important:  helping people.

I just ask you for your thoughts and prayers.  I’d at least like to figure it out if it will be a tent or or a box before my son is released.  Matt called tonight and made me laugh as usual.  Thank God for my kid’s sweet heart.

Much love my friends.


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