Day 435 Ripples of love

Today is Thursday. Today is another day in this world’s madness. Today is another day to do something kind, something good, something unselfish. Today is another day to make a small ripple in a life and perhaps see the rings cascade into larger ripples that encompass other lives.
I want to tell you a little story, a true one at that. It’s about my son, Matt. Well, it should be as this blog is a reminder to me where he unjustly resides. But, let’s talk about ripples.
Matt likes to write people back who write him. Most of the people who get letters can tell you how much they appreciate his humour, his kindness, his intelligence.
I received a letter from Susan (not the person’s real name) who shared a very powerful story with me. She had been undergoing harassment, cruelty and she was being watched. All of this became too overwhelming and she planned to end it all for herself. Mind you, I cried through the entire letter. She penned some goodbyes to those she knew and headed off to mail them, only to find a letter waiting from my son.
She decided to hold off mailing the other letters until after reading my son’s piece. She shared that Matt’s letter gave her such hope that she ripped up the other letters and made a vow to hang on to her life. That day, she went out and bought something for an older person who lives alone to encourage that person. Since then I have received other correspondence telling me how Susan focuses on helping others who are overlooked.
Ripples of love. You never know how your simple act of kindness may even save a life. But, beyond that, the act of kindness now affects others like those ripples growing and widening across a lake.
Today, I listened to an old song from one of my favorite bands R.E.M. I’d like to share. Hold on because everybody hurts sometimes and we as humans all experience the
pain; we are not alone.

Sending a ripple of love your way….:)  Keep the ripples moving.

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