Day 432 Please take care in this battle

Today is Monday. Today, I was reminded that even the toughest of us, the most courageous of us are still fragile. We can still suffer health issues that might range from something minor to something very serious.
For those of you in the battle to do good, to make positive changes in this world, you need to be reminded to slow down and take care of yourself. Eat well, sleep well and surround yourself with people who will love and support you.
You are not made of stone, you are not invincible. You are a beautiful soul who cares so much about making a better world for all people. Sometimes, it will be the evil that will try snuff out those trying to do the right thing; but many times, it is the wear and tear of everyday life in the battle that cripples. You must be on guard for your mind, your body and your soul. You must make the time to give attention to you, to step away for a short time to refuel, re arm, regain and renew.
Today, I am praying for some people who think nothing of themselves but how to help others. Each of them has fought or is fighting health issues. These people are so very near and dear to my heart that I tear up when I think about them hurting.
These are the silent heroes who are quiet about their own personal battles. These are the people who inspire courage for me.
To all of you who stand against injustice, stand against evil, speak out for the weak and the oppressed, lift the downtrodden regardless how many know, you are my heroes. You are the people I pray that God will give strength, peace, courage and the health to continue making your difference in the lives of others.

So much respect and love to 2 of my very special friends who fight against evil every day at the expense of their own health. Please take care of yourself for me. You are to precious to me.

Much much love.

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