Day 431 Mother’s day

Today is Sunday.  Happy Mother’s day to all you moms out there.  It’s not easy being a mom; in fact, it’s really difficult and painful at times.

As a mom, I want to protect and shield my kid from all the hurts, the dangers and the evil in this world.  I found that is impossible.  I would rather it befall me ten thousand times than to have my son suffer.

I have never been tortured, but in a very real sense I was when my son was treated thus.  His torture affected me so that his counselor in Canada told me I had PTSD like him.

I find it so confounding how a mom could just walk away or abandon her child.  Yet it happens frequently.  I am not judging, I just don’t understand.

I read how the number of women being incarcerated has increased.  Some of these women are moms.  It just tears me up inside to think about this.

I remember one of the guys I wrote whom Matt had befriended.  His wife was dying from cancer and she was a character witness for her husband.  The prosecutor laughed at her.  The wife told me this herself.  I used to call the wife to encourage her.  I discovered that my son had the same nasty vindictive prosecutor.  The prosecutor was ruled as malicious in the husbands case.  The frightening part in all of this, the prosecutor is a mother.

I am totally convinced the wrong people are in prison.

My son called me 3 times today ( very short calls) to wish me a Happy Mother’s day.  I hate that he is in prison: but I am so proud of how he has kept his integrity, his composure, his sense of humour and his compassion for others.  This mom who has felt the pain and deals with the difficulty wouldn’t trade being a mom for anything.

Peace and love..find that one sweet or funny little thing about your mom and camp on it.

My thought tonight:  my grandmother was about 4 foot 10.  She was from Lithuania and didn’t speak English.  She used to wear long skirts and colourful scarves arround her head.  When she used to take me for a walk, (I was about 3) I would get behind her and hide under her skirt.  She would turn round and round calling for me as I managed to stay behind her under the skirt.  When she discovered me after a bit, she would laufh until tears filled her eyes..:)

Peace and much 💖💖

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