Day 430 Loss and gains

Today is Saturday. Today, I visited Matt and he told me about one of the guys he is friends with, who has a 12 year sentence and his mom is dying. He’s a young black man with no prior offenses, but because he had some teen pictures, he was stomped. He got more time than a dude who actually slept with a teen who lied about her age.
Loss; it is a fact of life and it will happen to all of us sometime in our lives.
Matt said his friend should have gotten a misdemeanor and have to attend some classes not plead down to 12 years from some obscene amount of time. Sexting is so prevalent now with teens who use SnapChat and other social media aps for phones. It is reported as young as fourth graders are involved in this.
Loss of freedom, loss of reputation, loss of loved ones, loss of friends, loss of precious time, loss of heath, loss of a bright future, these are things that those in prison have to deal with. I’ve lost my son’s presence, any good will toward this government, faith in the honesty or decency of the US justice system and most of those associated with it.
I think of the old Jeff Sessions, a backwards man with a cruel heart and all of those who will suffer because of another monster. His stance is decades of punishment and I just want to see him given the same kind of mercy. I want him to know great loss because people like him can’t be reasoned with and have a heart of stone.
Back to Matt’s friend; Matt has been encouraging him and spending time being a friend. I love my son for that.
Yes, there is much loss in life and just sometimes there are gains that come out of the losses, like real caring friends.
Please take time out to write a prisoner. My son would love to hear from you if you want to start with someone. Just a card with a few encouraging words makes a huge difference for people on the inside. You don’t have to write a book…:)

Matthew DeHart 06813-036
FCI Ashland
PO Box 6001
Ashland, KY 41105

Thank you….much love 🙂

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