Day 421 If you weren’t here

Today is Thursday. Today, I took time out to remember Aaron Swartz. He was a beautiful and brilliant young man whose life ended in suicide after harsh prosecutorial pressure. I would not call Ortiz a murderer, but I would definitely say she was complicit in his death. Aaron was only 26 when he left this world.
I think of young people who are driven to this point. There is so much they have to offer.

If You Weren’t Here

You’d miss that shooting star that blazed across a velvet sky last night
You’d miss that first kiss that stole your breath away
You’d miss that incredibly funny moment that leaves you hurting from laughing so hard
You’d miss that amazingly beautiful event that brings tears to your eyes
You’d miss the sound of the ocean rushing to the shore, the cheerful singing of a bird after a storm, a child sleeping after a rough day, your heartbeat.

I’d miss your smile, what makes you you
An abandoned or abused puppy or kitten that missed your needed love
The older lady down the street who lives alone and would miss your company
Your brilliant ideas we would miss over the years
Other people would miss your friendship, your encouragement by just listening

You are unique and there is no copy of you. If you weren’t here, the world would be a lonelier place without you.

Rest in peace, Aaron and all the young people who lost hope in their future.

Remind people how important they are. Some struggle with mental health issues and they need love and support. It goes back to are we our brother’s keeper. I believe we are. 🙂

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