Day 419 Music

Today is Tuesday. Today,, I have been seriously contemplating trading my electric guitar in for an acoustic with pickup. I had a Gibson J45 acoustic (Paul McCartney’s favorite) and I had to sell it to pay for lawyers. Yeah, that hurt. I miss it very much. It was a beautiful vintage Sunburst with an incredibly sweet sound.
Currently, I own a Schecter cherry red electric. It has equally great sound. There’s something about making your own music. When I worked for a preschool, I used to bring in my acoustic and play songs for the kids. I sing alto and my co teacher was a soprano. We were a pretty good duo; at least the kids thought so..:)
There’s something healing about music and singing. Whether you sing with radio in your car, youtube songs off your phone, or you play piano or guitar, singing is a balm to the soul, wings to the heart.
Matt is self taught on the keyboard. He used to listen to a song on the radio and then play it on his keyboard. He has a really nice voice, too. He told me when he got scared in some of the dark places he was put, he would sing to himself at night. Now, he has an mp3 player and goes to bed listening to his wide selection of music.
I know Matt feels bad about my having to sell my guitar, but I would do it a thousand times over for him.
Money is always an object, so it’s only a wish for right now. A J45 goes for about $3000. right now. Whew, that’s a bit. I think eating is a little more important at this point and time.
Today, the sun came out after 2 days of hard continuous rain. It was nice to see the blue sky again. I suspect if the sun and sky made music it would be something by the group Yes. Ha ha ha.

Blessing dear friends…you are the sweet notes of music in the world. Make some beautiful melody…:)

My J45 I sold.

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