Day 410 I Got the Call

Today is Sunday. Today, I was thinking about my friend Judy who got that phone call. Even though I was fuming over the fact these nasty people are messing with my kid, he is still alive and I am blessed to hear his voice every night.

This is for you, Judy.

I Got that Call

She was her own kind of woman
Beautiful, sassy, an idealist, a lover of truth
Angel eyes that could see beyond her years
Heart of my heart, my daughter, my girl
I got the call
They were wrong; not my child
But a mother knows, a mother always knows
No parent should outlive her child, the mother of her grandchildren
Not like this; not murdered for discovering truth
I got the call
She was loved by those who knew her
Who wouldn’t be attracted to her strength, her courage
Youth dares, resists fear; she gave her heart to the people
I got the call
How I wish I did not. How I wish I did not.
Peace my precious Serena.
Peace my heart.

I will never take for granted one moment my child is alive after being harmed for the truth. My deepest respect for you, Judy. Love and hugs.

Blessings my friends..cherish those you love.

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