Day 409 Visit #11

Today is Saturday. Today, I spent 7 hours with Matt. It’s always bittersweet. It is so good to be able to hug him; but, it’s a killer to leave him behind. Today, we talked about how the gov’t is messing with him. I’ll share more of that in later posts when I am able.
Today, my son actually cried. Today, he asked me if he will be persecuted for the rest of his life. Today, I cried all 5 hours back to Indiana. How can you stop your heart from breaking all over again? How can you make the anguish subside?
Now, I know how dissidents felt in the Soviet Union and Stasi Germany.

Well, you know I like to get busy focusing on other things, other people when I feel like crap. I guess I’d better make a list..:)

I never get hopeless or despair. My faith won’t let me; but, I can get pretty frustrated and emotional. Like Matt says, they can take everything even your life, but they can’t take your soul.

Today, I was grateful to make the drive through some green valleys dotted with cows and their little bitty babies. I was ever so grateful to deliver hugs to my son from so many supporters.

Peace dear friends..:) much love

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