Day 408 Lauri, Julian and my Matt

Today is Friday. Tonight, I am in Ashland Kentucky watching a special with Joan Baez. Tomorrow, I will see my sweet son, Matthew.
It’s a 4 hour drive on a good day with light traffic. If I can get through Louisville without any hiccups, then it’s smmoth sailing to Ashland.
Matt got some conflicting info about when he can get into a halfway house. It seems like they are going to continue messing with him. We will talk about this tomorrow and come up with some strategies.
I suspect if I was rich, things would go differently but people who have no money are just stepped on. So for all you out there who live paycheck to paycheck, I salute you. You are the salt of earth and in good company.
So, this family will continue to scrape and fight for each other…:)
My thoughts and prayers tonight go up for two very brave people. First for sweet Lauri Love, who awaits the answer to his appeal. Please send him words of encouragement and love. No one should have to be stolen from his country and face the the horrible cruelty here in the US.
Second, Julian Assange who has been getting good and bad attention lately. Whatever you may feel about Julian, he needs love and encouragement because the Empire is out for his blood.
The DeHart family knows how cruel unjust, and evil the system is. After all, my son was tortured and imprisoned and he is an innocent young man.
So, each night I ask God to protect these men and the others I write.

Reach out my friends and ease a mind or two and soften someone’s suffering. Let them know they are not alone.

Much love my friends..💖

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