Day 403 Easter Sunday

Today is Sunday. Today is Easter for those who participate in the Christian faith. Today, I was invited by a farmer to his house for dinner. After the wonderful meal, Paul and I were delightfully entertained by a dozen wee little children darting across a beautiful green field searching out the prized eggs.
When I think about this, my heart wells up and I can’t help but cry. Should not children all over this world be running and playing with smiles on their sweet little faces?
Today, I felt blessed, so blessed to see children who are not touched by corruption, suffering, and war. Good parents everywhere want the best for their children no matter what culture, what religion, what country.
Today is a day that reminds me how we need to look beyond ourselves and reach out to children everywhere who have only known hunger and pain in their lives.
Did you know that Jesus said in order to inherit the kingdom of God one has to be like a little child? Why there is so much suffering for these precious little beings, I can’t answer that. I struggle to understand.
This week, Paul will be doing a funeral for a one year old who died in a freak accident. I hurt for everyone involved. We ask why and there is no good answer.
But, for all of you who have children in your lives whether yours, your kids, your neighbors, your students, love them, encourage them, make them safe, thank God for them.
Today, I received a call from my child and every day I am grateful when I hear his voice.
This Easter Sunday, I yearn, I pray, I work for peace. Peace my dear dear friends.

One thought on “Day 403 Easter Sunday

  1. Selena Bragg April 20, 2017 / 5:48 pm

    Your heart blesses me. We continue to pray daily for you, Paul, and especially for your Matt. xo

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