Day 402 Forgiveness

Today is Saturday. Today, I watched a movie with James Earl Jones and Richard Harris entitled “Cry, My Beloved Country.” It was set in South Africa in the late 1940″s. Richard Harris, who played a rich white man named Jarvis, lost his son to a murder. He found some writings of his son, Arthur Jarvis, who felt he had learned nothing of value from his parents because their Christianity was nothing more than white indifference to suffering. James Earl Jones played a humble priest whose son was the murderer of Arthur Jarvis.
Love and forgiveness is such a difficult but not impossible challenge. I really do believe that forgiveness comes from God, because on our own, we can’t manage it.
That’s what I love about my son. He does forgive people. Oh, he may not forget and his future decisions will be based on injustices done to him, but he is not a vengeful soul.
This past week, someone whom I thought was a loyal friend, put a stake through my heart. It was a mean and inconsiderate act. I spent the day trying to downplay the action, but in truth, it was cruel and I cried for several days.
But, I love my friend. I am loyal and I can forgive. I don’t know if my friend cares but I certainly do. When I am angry or bitter, it is like a spiritual acid reflux for me and I just can’t live like that. So, I will go on loving my friend and work on forgiving.
I would want someone to forgive me if I hurt one like that.
Thank you, Matt, for being an example for me. Sometimes we have to take the higher ground even though rocky and challenging but I think the reward is worth it.

Be at peace my friends. I send my love and hugs…:)

One thought on “Day 402 Forgiveness

  1. Kristin April 16, 2017 / 6:28 am

    I cannot wrap my head around why anyone would want to deliberately hurt such a beautiful human being.

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