Day 397 who stood up?

Today is Monday. Today, I am mindful that one must never give up or give in, throw in the towel, or check out.
What is that quote about evil being allowed to exist because good men (and women) do nothing?
No matter how hard the struggle, how painful the journey, how dark the horizon, one must never never never allow evil and its cohorts of injustice, brutality, racism, greed and hatred to go unchecked, to go without protest, to go without sacrifice.

I suspect you might have seen the awful situation that happened on United airlines. This poor 69 year old Asian doctor was carried off a plane and then apparently brutalized because he did not want to give up his seat he paid for as he needed to return to Louisville.  The reports I heard from people interviewed is that it was horrifying.

Let me ask you.  Who stood up for this man?  Who offered to take his place?


Where was someone, just one person who said, “This is wrong.  You can’t treat people this way.”

What if everyone on that flight got off with that man.  What an incredible statement.  What an act of standing up.

Today, I am still trying to find a decent lawyer in this state to help with Matt when he gets out.  So far NO ONE.


Sometimes, one hears crickets out there when one look for others to stand up.  Maybe one will be the only voice for a moment in history.

But, I am not giving up finding someone to stand against the injustice perpetrated against my son.

And don’t let me on a plane anytime soon and see something like what just happened to this poor doctor…😠

I wish my friends peace..remember be SOMEONE not NO ONE.

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