Day 396 Deep Pockets

Today is Sunday. Today, it was a warm and perfectly beautiful Spring day.
Do you know someone who does so much for others and usually without any regard for self?
That kind of person is like a deep pocket. You know, reach inside and there is always something there.
People are like pockets. Some are small and buttoned while others are zipped shut and theres no way anything is getting in or out.
Some pockets have holes like people who have lost important things in life. Maybe along the way they lost their ability to empathize or have compassion while others never had a chance in this life and ended up as worn and thin piece of cloth prone to holes.
Some pockets are for show; there’s nothing in them at all. You know the kind that you see on overpriced suits.
I know some people who have deep pockets. You can put your hand in their pockets and not only be warmed but you will always find something you need.
They are generouus pockets, well worn but strong pockets.
Today, I am grateful for deep pocket people.

Peace my friends..if we are deep pockets we may be able to patch the other pockets with holes..💖💖

Matt gets his minutes tomorrow..yay!!!!

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