Day 390 When should I say I’m sorry?

Today is Monday. Last night I was present at a death. When you watch someone die, it has a way of fine tuning your focus, your priorities. Life is fragile and you never know when people will slip from your grasp. It seems time for you to suffer another bit of poetry from me..:)

When should I say I’m sorry?

That outburst I made that sent you reeling and made you cringe..
For my silence when you needed me to decry the lies and stand up for you..
My lack of discernment when choosing who to trust, who to support…
Ignoring your advice and stepping out on my own accepting the risks of doing so…
Those times when we don’t see eye to eye…
Pushing my agenda because my passion drives me so…

When should I say I’m sorry?

For leaving love out of the equation when arguments and conflicts ensue…
When I let my ego run ahead of you and everyone else…
Justifying yours or my bad behaviour for the sake of personal gain…
Forgetting those who suffer because the focus is squarely on me…
Letting you talk me into something I can’t ethically support…
Questioning you for one bad decision when you have a record of integrity

When will I never say I’m sorry?

For trying to promote peace, wherever, with whomever, however and whenever I can.
For being human.

For loving someone even if it was in vain.

Much love and peace…Love more and love deeply…:)

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