Day 387 Goodbye

Today is Friday. Today, I said.goodbye to a beautiful sweet spirit whose health took a turn for the worse.
Today, I watched Paul at work as a hospice chaplain. He sings to his patients and their families. He is undeniably a comforting presence in a difficult time.
Today, I know why my son Matt is such a sweet compassionate guy; he gets it from his father. They both have the ability to bring calmness and peace in the face of uncertainty.
Today I had the extreme privilege of being part of the dying process for this soul. The outpouring of love I saw today was undoubtedly the result of years of giving love and kindness out to others.
I would be terribly remiss if I did not mention how another friend of mine who fights first has showed great restraint and doled out some kindness. I applaud him for his wonderful effort and give him huge hugs.

Love won’t come back void. Invest generously and the return will be extraordinary.💗💗💗

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