Day 416 Tears falling from heaven

Today is Saturday.  Today, we made it through thunderstorms that lasted throughout the night and left motorists stranded on highways, farms flooded and some houses surrounded by water after 7 inches of rain fell.

Tonight, it is raining again with another line of thunderstorms.  The ground being already waterlogged puts trees at risk for toppling if the winds pick up.

Today, I spoke with Matt.  It was sunny out his way.  Paul sends Matt his sermon outlines and sometimes a bunch of guys and Matt go outside to discuss the outlines.

Today, I thought I would not ever again have to send Barrett another card in prison.  Alas, I will send him off one Monday.  Feisty Barrett is going to tear these people up.  The BOP made a terrible mistake having him arrested again.  It’s this kind of garbage that only confirms everything Barrett has been writing about.

Today, I am thankful Jeffrey Sterling is out of solitary.  Imagine being threatened by a guard, unprofessional and looking for trouble, and then being thrown in solitary because you wouldn’t let yourself be baited.  You make a complaint about being threatened and you are punished.

That’s what happened to Jeffrey.  His medication for his heart was taken away and he has lost phone and writing privileges for 30 days.

This is the prison industrial complex my friends.  Hateful unprofessional people and the cowards who cover for them.  Are all prison staff like that?  No, but the decent humane people are a definite minority.

Maybe its good that it rains.  To me if seems like tears falling from heaven for all of the men and women who suffer in US prisons.

To the hard hearted person who tweeted me today about Arkansas draining the swamp in response to the executions, I say, sadly, it is because of people who act like you why we have merciless monsters running prisons.

Mercy, compassion, redemption, forgiveness; when put in practice, they shine light in the darkness and fill a life with hope.

Peace my friends..💗🌹💗

Day 415 Don’t shoot the messenger.

Today is Friday. Today, someone tweeted to me that Wikileaks is a terrorist organization. Seriously?!!! Would this someone claim that about the Washington Post or the NY Times? Maybe not as these media outlets don’t often publish misdeeds done by corporations and the government. If you do just a tad bit of research, you find very quickly that main stream media is heavy influenced by the government and its agencies.
The tactic most favourably used is to label people and organizations. When you use an incendiary label like terrorist or sex offender, it strips the person of humanness. It smears and ostracizes the organization.
These labels are thrown around so easily and most times without basis without proof. They are used to incite fear and hatred against someone and someones.
Journalism is protected under the First Amendment. It is the vehicle by which people, corporations and governments are held accountable if they are indeed a true and free press not owned as a propaganda tool for the government against its people.
I write a number of political activists and a journalist who have been thrown in prison for exposing criminal activity by our government, corporations and security contractors.
To silence these messengers is criminal in itself. To support silencing is pure cowardice.
Do you think by silencing that will somehow negate the truth?
Get out of La La Land. Get informed, get involved. Ignorance will hurt you and others.
We may not agree with what we read from a particular journalist but its rational to listen, to compare to open our eyes so we are not led over the cliff like dumb sheep.
I respect your right to disagree; what I don’t respect is labeling people because you aren’t openminded and you don’t want to hear any views but your own.

But in everything..patience and love and I will always do my best to extend that.


Day 414 A 5 letter word

Today is Thursday. Today, Paul and I were swapping stories from the day. We ended up talking about Barrett Brown’s ridiculous and vindictive arrest.
What does the prison system have to hide that a journalist like Barrett has to be silenced? That’s a rhetorical question folks.
Paul posted an article by GQ about solitary confinement on FB. He was surprised and a bit disappointed that he hadn’t gotten any response.
Put a video or commercial about animals (I am an animal lover) and you will get response but not so much for human beings.
I know what you might be thinking; animals are innocent. Ok and someone who had a bag of marijuana and is imprisoned for it should be treated worse than a dog?
Grace: one of those beautiful concepts that is seriously missing from this society.
When it shows up, its like a splash of vibrant colour on a black canvas or the fragrance of roses rising above a trash heap.
Grace is the ability to see beyond the actions of a person to the heart.
Some of us rail when we see dogs or cats caged and neglected yet we won’t even give a tortured soul a thought.
I used to write a baptist preacher’s brother in law because he couldn’t bring himself to do so. The man supposedly committed a rape for which he maintained his innocence. He needed shower shoes. I was able to send a pair in to him and I sent him funds when I could so he could by coffee.
I will never forget the day I went to lunch with a friend who calls herself a Christian. When I shared how I was able to send in shoes which is not allowed at many prisons, she screwed up her face into a grimace and blurted, ” What’s wrong with you? Why would you send anything to a criminal?”
The anger, the disgust because I believe in showing grace.
When we don’t have a problem taking out people with drones then why in the world would we care about those poor souls in prison?
Grace is a 5 letter word missing from vocabulary, missing from our lives.
I want grace towards me don’t you?

Please read the story I linked above.

💗Peace, love and grace to you💗


Day 413 Changing ourselves for the better

Today isWednesday. Today, I listened to a Michael Jackson song and I think it’s one of the most profound songs he had done.
You know, you can’t really make anyone do anything they aren’t interested in doing. You can’t really change anyone but yourself.
I can only encourage, remind, pressure gently; but, in the end it will be that person’s decision not mine.
As for change, I am only in control of myself, my thoughts, my actions, my decisions.
So, can we stand looking at ourselves in the mirror and attempt to work on those things that would keep us from being decent and compassionate human beings?

Peace..honesty and transparency to do what we must to be better people..much much love..💖

Day 412 Arkansas Executions (Where is restorative justice?)

Today is Tuesday. Today, I have been reading about the 2 men who were recently executed by a state that rushed to have this done. You know one of the men was in a wheelchair.
When I voiced my opinion about capital punishment, someone came at me and insinuated that I didn’t care about the victims or their families because I did not want to see these men in prison be killed.
You know we have a really bad tendency to think in two terms in the country. If you raise an objection about anything then it means you must support the only alternative view. The trouble is there are usually many other alternatives.
For instance, if you railed against Trump, then you must be supportive of Hillary or vice verse. Simply not true. I didn’t vote for either one of these awful people. I voted Green Party.
When I lived in Canada, I met a young man who had spent 10 years in prison for murdering his father. We became friends and he had this great big smile for me. I believe he was under the influence of a substance when he committed this awful crime. The circumstances that lead to crime are rarely simple.
He knew what he did was terrible but he spent everyday afterwards trying to do the right thing and make other people’s lives better. I know some people who didn’t murder anyone but they are selfish nasty people who could care less about the welfare of others.
When Matt was in Bowling Green, he had a chance to speak to a gang member of the Crypts or Bloods (can’t recall which). My son really does have the gift to put others at ease and treat them with respect.
This young man was in for multiple murders. Let me tell you his story. When he was just a kid, he was pressured to join the gang or his mom and sisters would be raped and killed. So, he joined. He asked my son, “Who was going to save me and my family?” When he got older, he had to prove himself, so he had to murder someone. Again, his family’s safety was used to blackmail him. So, he killed someone. He asked Matt, “Who was going to save us?” The next murder was of an opposing gang member. When he was finished telling his gruesome tale, he asked, “So, who was going to save me and who will save me now?”
He was right. Who in Nashville Tennessee was going to save a little black kid from the gangs?
Capital punishment. Do you know how many people are innocent on death row? Do you know how many people the Innocence Project vindicate because of our filthy rotten to the core injustice system that puts people in prison for life over a bag of marijuana?
Do I care about the victims? Of course I care about the victims. Do I think murderers should be punished. Yes, they should have their freedom taken away but they should also be rehabilitated. My friend in Canada has been a blessing to so many people because he was punished and then he was allowed to make amends.
We have become a society that does not see the conditions as to why people are led to murder. We have systemic problems too many to enumerate. We want to punish not rehabilitate. WHERE IS RESTORATIVE JUSTICE?
Do I believe in capital punishment? Absolutely not. And yes, I had a close relative in my life who was murdered.
Shame on Arkansas and shame on the citizens who support these bloodthirsty people so quick to use lethal injection without medical training and allowing people to suffer. Animals aren’t even given these drugs when being put down because of the cruelty.

God, have mercy on the those on death row. Please judge the heartless.

Day 411 Living the Good Life (?)

Today is Monday. Today, I received a call from Matt, who has escalated and we are waiting to see where it goes from here. I’m very proud of him.
Today, as I was walking my dog, I saw the rear of a jeep as it passed me and the words, “Living the Good Life.” stared back at me.
Who gets to live the good life, eh? When you see what is happening all over the world in terms of suffering, most of us in the US live “the good life,” in terms of stuff.
And those of us who live relatively well, what are we doing to ensure that those who don’t live well get some relief from their suffering?
I know too many people who are not living “the good life.” It convicts me to live frugally, not to buy into the consumer mentality. With the extra money I save, I can fund some incarcerated people’s commissary, I can give to gofundme campaigns.
I am not bragging here, I am trying to be an example. It is more blessed to give than to receive. It is a wonderful feeling to help relieve the suffering of others.
What is living the good life? Is it about stuff? Is it about money? Is it about vacations? Or, is it about loving and being loved; about charity, about kindness, about mercy, about sharing?
Really, when you think about it, how can you really feel good about living the good life when so many are not. When we can lift others up to our level, doesn’t that make us feel good.
Some would call me a Socialist. So be it. I don’t care about labels, I care about people.

Peace my dear friends, you make life good and worth living…:)

Day 410 I Got the Call

Today is Sunday. Today, I was thinking about my friend Judy who got that phone call. Even though I was fuming over the fact these nasty people are messing with my kid, he is still alive and I am blessed to hear his voice every night.

This is for you, Judy.

I Got that Call

She was her own kind of woman
Beautiful, sassy, an idealist, a lover of truth
Angel eyes that could see beyond her years
Heart of my heart, my daughter, my girl
I got the call
They were wrong; not my child
But a mother knows, a mother always knows
No parent should outlive her child, the mother of her grandchildren
Not like this; not murdered for discovering truth
I got the call
She was loved by those who knew her
Who wouldn’t be attracted to her strength, her courage
Youth dares, resists fear; she gave her heart to the people
I got the call
How I wish I did not. How I wish I did not.
Peace my precious Serena.
Peace my heart.

I will never take for granted one moment my child is alive after being harmed for the truth. My deepest respect for you, Judy. Love and hugs.

Blessings my friends..cherish those you love.

Day 409 Visit #11

Today is Saturday. Today, I spent 7 hours with Matt. It’s always bittersweet. It is so good to be able to hug him; but, it’s a killer to leave him behind. Today, we talked about how the gov’t is messing with him. I’ll share more of that in later posts when I am able.
Today, my son actually cried. Today, he asked me if he will be persecuted for the rest of his life. Today, I cried all 5 hours back to Indiana. How can you stop your heart from breaking all over again? How can you make the anguish subside?
Now, I know how dissidents felt in the Soviet Union and Stasi Germany.

Well, you know I like to get busy focusing on other things, other people when I feel like crap. I guess I’d better make a list..:)

I never get hopeless or despair. My faith won’t let me; but, I can get pretty frustrated and emotional. Like Matt says, they can take everything even your life, but they can’t take your soul.

Today, I was grateful to make the drive through some green valleys dotted with cows and their little bitty babies. I was ever so grateful to deliver hugs to my son from so many supporters.

Peace dear friends..:) much love

Day 408 Lauri, Julian and my Matt

Today is Friday. Tonight, I am in Ashland Kentucky watching a special with Joan Baez. Tomorrow, I will see my sweet son, Matthew.
It’s a 4 hour drive on a good day with light traffic. If I can get through Louisville without any hiccups, then it’s smmoth sailing to Ashland.
Matt got some conflicting info about when he can get into a halfway house. It seems like they are going to continue messing with him. We will talk about this tomorrow and come up with some strategies.
I suspect if I was rich, things would go differently but people who have no money are just stepped on. So for all you out there who live paycheck to paycheck, I salute you. You are the salt of earth and in good company.
So, this family will continue to scrape and fight for each other…:)
My thoughts and prayers tonight go up for two very brave people. First for sweet Lauri Love, who awaits the answer to his appeal. Please send him words of encouragement and love. No one should have to be stolen from his country and face the the horrible cruelty here in the US.
Second, Julian Assange who has been getting good and bad attention lately. Whatever you may feel about Julian, he needs love and encouragement because the Empire is out for his blood.
The DeHart family knows how cruel unjust, and evil the system is. After all, my son was tortured and imprisoned and he is an innocent young man.
So, each night I ask God to protect these men and the others I write.

Reach out my friends and ease a mind or two and soften someone’s suffering. Let them know they are not alone.

Much love my friends..💖

Day 407 Words are like toothpaste

Today is Thursday. Today, I spent a good part of the day writing out cards and letters to my peeps in prison. I’d like to think my prayers make a difference because I pray for these people regularly.
Tomorrow, I will head on out to see my favorite peep, my son, Matt. I don’t know how often the others get a visit and I am fairly certain it is not as often as my son gets to see his parents. I am mindful of that, mindful and grateful.

Today, I watched smokey gray clouds gather in the sky threatening some fairly rowdy thunderstorms.  The storms didn’t evolve but the wind came up and tore half the aluminum siding from the top of the house.

Words can be like that.  Words can rip a person apart and leave one bleeding inside.  I heard once that it takes 100 positive words to counteract the effects of one bad word.

We are all builders or demolitions.  We can build up others and give them positive foundations and supports.  Or, we can be a wrecking ball and just tear the guts out of people.

I’m not one for tearing people down even if I think it’s deserved. I also won’t flatter or say something I don’t truly believe.  Best to zip the lip at that point.  Destroying someone will rarely get the person to change for the better.

Choose your words wisely.  Once out, they are like toothpaste; you can’t put it back in the tube.

Peace my friends..much much love..💗💗