Day 377 Our “in”justice system and being forced to lie

Today is Tuesday. Today, I learned the outcomes of two dear friends and committed supporters of Matt who both had to go to court today. One lives in the UK and the other in the States. Vastly different outcomes based on how the law is respected or not respected.

My friend in the UK is able to speak to the judge directly. This is valuable because if you have a pathetic lawyer, you would be able to bring to the judge’s attention what your lawyer failed to do. In the case of my friend, she was able to inform the judge in detail and the court proceedings went quite favorably.

Now my friend from the States was not so lucky. Not only does one have to have a lawyer present, most judges are not open to a defendant representing herself nor will they encourage self expression. Because we have this flawed system and little respect for the law, my friend was pressured to plea as is the usual outcome 93 to 97% of the time.

I asked her if I could post her message to me about her proceedings today and she graciously agreed. She wanted me to know that she understood how Matt felt and that she admires him…:)

I was in court today and pleaded guilty to something I wasn’t guilty of. So when the judge asked if I was guilty I said yes then he asked what it was that caused me to be guilty and I forgot what the prosecutor told me to say so I said whatever like it was a question not a statement. It felt good to catch a break in court but lying saying I did something I didn’t do was a hard pill to swallow because I pride myself on being truthful. So I could only imagine how Matt felt. My pride might have gotten me a full sentence if I was in Matt’s shoes before I had my daughter. What? You say you will kill my mother? Ya promise? lol I can only imagine having to go against every fiber of his being to take that plea and handles it with the utmost dignity and grace. I would be a bitter bitch until the day I died. That kid of yours amazes me. He really does.”

What kind of system do we have that makes people have to lie so that they will not be charged with something even more heinous? When the local and federal gov’ts don’t want to go to trial because they have to produce evidence that is flawed or not just there (they are not above manufacturing it if you push the issue) and many lawyers are complicit because they don’t want to spend the money you paid them on court costs then I think you would have to agree that we definitely have an “IN”JUSTICE SYSTEM.

This is for all those out there who keep asking me why my son took a plea. My advice: read up people. It happens all the time. Same unethical game plan, same threats to family members, same plea facilitators. Why do you think we have the most incarcerated people in the world? Yes. that includes China and Russia.

Peace people..:) Knowledge is necessary.

One thought on “Day 377 Our “in”justice system and being forced to lie

  1. Anonytrace (@anonytrace) March 26, 2017 / 12:42 am

    I wonder the effects, if we all told the truth ? Rather than oblige with a system that want to hide it. Perhaps would they build more prisons to facilitate the over spill from the courts, or would they sit up and listen?

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